Do you know wich one is the best selling Mattel toy?

Matttel The company, founded in 1945 its flagship toy, not born until 10 years later.

Although the multinational, is bringing to market toys ranging trendsetter and cause a sensation among the little ones, like Monster High, if Mattel had to talk about a toy par excellence, this would be Barbie.

Barbie is the star toy toy undoubtedly for over 50 years. Object of all kinds of powers, since it will release in 1959, Barbie has gone through several phases, social impact, fashion icon and even the center of many controversies and lawsuits, but has always been there. Who never played with one of these dolls, or asked their parents to buy toys were never Barbie with Barbie?

Its launch was a boom and even today continues to cause sensation. Its evolution has been evident throughout the years. Barbie has ons and accessories of all kinds and has tried to adapt itself to changing times.

Few toys have approached him to star Mattel Monster High but have been an entire revolution of recent times. Feature animated series, movies, all kinds of accessories and stationery products and souvenirs inspired by them.